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You quote Royce as saying

Attempt to do the job twice - the first result provides an early simulation of the final product"

and position this as support of an "iterative" approach. Actually, it's the opposite. What people today call "iteration" all too often means to take whatever piece of crap was slapped together the first week and use it as the basis for work over the next year. Royce was saying build something, then throw it away and start over again.


The point Royce was making that you learn from what you did the first time. Of course he wasn't doing this every week. That would not be feasible with all the work he was trying to cram in. But he recognized the value of doing things more than once. This spawned spiral and later proper iterative methods in the eighties and nineties. Eventually resulting in Agile. The main progress here is the number of iterations/releases and the reducing the time that takes.

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