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Discussion on: Vue.js Carousels: SSR Support And Performance

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Boian Ivanov

Really liked the detailed article on what's the best way to implement an SSR carousel in Vue. Although since I've been through those hoops already, I would recommend a more Vue + CSS approach. Buefy has a really easy-to-use component for carousels that was added quite recently that you could potentially check out. But that's if you are going to use Bulma as your CSS framework of choice. Otherwise the article is quite on point. Good job !

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KyuWoo Choi • Edited

You're right. It's better not to use 3rd party libraries at all as it's overhead. If the carousels provided by the UI frameworks work for you, that's it. But the carousels listed above offer rich features. And only in such cases you should take the carousels above. Because It's smarter to use rather than try to implement that.