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re: Does Expo Support React Native Web? VIEW POST


One thing I fail to understand yet is, Is React web different from React Native Web? And if so, what is the point of react Web if React Native can be used for the web as well?


React web came before than react native and much before than react native for web.
Since react used virtual dom concept and there was a code conversion from jsx to html, developers thought why not use the same concept for the apps, i.e. Write jsx and convert the code into java and objective c under the hood, and that's how react native was born.
Then developers thought why to write two codebases, why not write just one code and let it get converted into html, java, and objective c under the hood, that's how react native for web was born.
Now the question is why use react (react web) if you already have react native Web. The answer is if you are planning to have app as well as website then you should try for react native Web but in case you just want the website and not the app version then react is the way to go, as coding in react is comparatively simpler as it's more like html creation whereas in react native for web you need to understand how different tags are getting converted into html elements under the hood. Also, as of current date, not all react native modules are supported by react native web, approximately 70% modules are supported and the rest you have to mock /override.
But one thing is clear for sure that the developer community is moving towards unifying the codebase for all the platforms, flutter recently also started supporting Web versions so react native for web is a interesting skill to add in your skill set.
Hope this answers your questions.


This reply has been so much helpful!! Thank you very much. I was thinking of looking into react native anytime soon anyway.

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