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Discussion on: Web Monetization like I'm 5

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Abolaji Mustapha

Good piece of article! But I must say, scoping about the privacy protection aspects that web monetization services like coil are meant to provide, I feel there's still sort of a bridge in this, at least from the info I've consumed so far.

I think in the adaptation of web monetization services like "" content creators, should work fully in compliance with the solution to make their web user's experience a fully privacy protected one, as such, technologies implemented in the "" platform should be to detect any form of privacy bridge installments on web pages and call authors/Creator's attention to enable user authorization on such implementation. This being established, micro web installments such as Ads by Google are detected on pages, automatically eluding these pages from payment except authorized by the user. I mean coil in this instance would be fulfilling their role as a privacy protector wherever it may concern them.