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Discussion on: The Software Product “Issue Cycle Phenomenon

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Nicolas Bousquet • Edited

From personal experience I would add a few things:

  • Some people have a vision. But most people are followers. If you ask them, they just get the most popular trend of the time or just continue what they were doing before regardless of the actual requirements of the products.

  • Out of the people that have a vision, many never tried it. Many can't really follow it or deliver and if there presure they'll completely forget it.

  • In general most people just do the quickest thing that can possibly work. Copy/paste, not really thinking of performance or maintenability. They don't write documentation. They don't really document. They add more to existing class/method/module/git repo without ever take the effort to refactor. The naming is clumsy at best.

  • Management and companies want to think we are all equals and replacable. They will move people to different teams, put the new comers on the critical task, ask for impossible deadline and want it to just happen without recognizing any specific talent to their employees/subordinate. They focus on pleasing their boss to get promoted to a different job. They don't really care about the company, the product.

  • The guy/team that get the project is the one with the best communication skills, best PPT, best political skills. As products take years to be implemented by the time the reality is visible to the management it is too late. Many of the most well seen guys already got promoted and the management that let it all appear want to hide the issue.

  • You can be yourself, your team, your boss as great, motivated, efficiant as you want, willing to work 60hours a weeks for years, you'll always be dependant of other people, managers, policies etc that will eat budget and produce nothing or will explain how you have to do your job while they have no idea what it really is. Even if most things where done right, the little small thing enforced by another team/guy will manage to kill the project, make it late by months or even year and double or triple the total cost.