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Discussion on: 10 Top Reasons To Have a Career in Tech

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Nicolas Bousquet

Overall I fully agree that's a good carrier path, that you can work everywhere and get nice salary and that job is quite interresting too. Really this a strong asset of that carrier path.

I'll just relativise. A good share of that is that there more job to be filled than people that can do it. What is hard to know is when the trend will change. It doesn't look like it would be in 2-3 years or maybe even 10 years but it is difficult to conclude anything for what it would be like in 20-30 years.

Another aspect is that the job evolve fast. Lot of people struggle there, in particular at 40 year old and later. Companies are not that interrested in you anymore if you can't provide some more additional value as there student fresh from the university that just learned the latest/greatest and that cost the company 30-50% less. You need a deep expertise in some area, technical or functional, maybe switch to another role like architect/expert/manager.