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Discussion on: Developer world as a woman 👩‍💻

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I'm not a woman but I can offer a few "data points" to the conversation.

  1. I went to a college that was around 70% women, primarily due to the college being known for teaching and nursing, both of which being fields dominated by women. So much so my college didn't have a (US) football team. However, in all my Computer Science classes I ended up having classes with around 5 women. In total there was around 60-100 other students, so the ratio was very disappointing.

  2. My college also provided support for under represented groups via scholarships and internships. All 5 of those women ended up getting scholarships and eventually jobs through this program. So if your part of an underrepresented group and going to college, keep an eye out for similar programs. (I also benefited from this program even though I technically wasn't an underrepresented group, but they had room within the program)

  3. My mother has worked her whole life as an engineer without an engineering degree in a male dominated engineering field. She says things have gotten better in her field over the years but it still isn't perfect. Due to her experience, knowledge and grit, she doesn't let anyone tear her down or make her "feel less" of her self.