re: Medium Was Never Meant to Be a Part of the Developer Ecosystem VIEW POST


Yes, Medium was never really well suited for Devs. Lack of proper syntax highlighting is a good example.

But what Medium could give, and maybe one of the main reasons that it became popular among developers was reach and visibility for their posts. At least compared with unknown personal blogs.

But then appeared and is blowing Medium apart. ;)

Never expected to write an Article and get almost 200 reactions in 2 days, and more than 200 likes and 50 retweets on Twitter.

There is a sense of community and sharing, being focused on developers, that Medium doesn't have. And their comment system is awful btw.

So keep the amazing job.

One thing that Medium has is that I never explored is their Parner program. A friend of mine managed to get 5$ in one week with an article, which I think is not bad. Ben, what is your opinion on this? Would a program like this possible within your vision for Dev?

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