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Discussion on: The most basic security for Spring Boot with Thymeleaf

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Bruno Drugowick Author

Thank you!

I was not planning to do that, but, who knows! Ping me this weekend and we can work on something if you want. And thanks for the suggestions!

Also, although I don't have a proper blog post, I do have some commits that may help you.

For (1), pagination, take a look at this commit, it even has a lengthy explanation:

For (2), a confirmation before deleting, take a look at the history of commits on this file. There's a confirmation Bootstrap modal integrated with Thymeleaf to ask for confirmation before deleting:

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Bruno Drugowick Author

Ops, now I noticed that you meant sort and pagination also for the frontend.

Yeah, for this there's Bootstrap-table (for simple projects, of course). The project from the second link I sent you uses it. It's quite simple, probably you can find something there if you want.

Since it's in portuguese and I have no idea of you speak/read it, again, ping me on the weekend and I can help.

See ya!

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Thanks so much for the tips. I tried, but still have a few issues that I cannot figure out. Hope you can help.

  1. The Edit modal box is brought up when the Edit button is clicked the first time. After that, the Edit button is no longer responding.
  2. If I use v-on:submit.prevent="postUser" the modal box does not close when Save is clicked. (v-on:submit="postUser" works.)
  3. The nav-bar always has Home highlighted. When the Users page is displayed, Users should be highlighted.

Here is my current html: