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Discussion on: How did you land your first job as a junior?

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Bruno França

It was 8 month ago. I was working at the town hall as trainee and as I was always trying to automate my tasks with small software, people seeing that I did the tasks faster than usual, they asked me how I showed them. Then when my contract was expiring, the mayor's office man talked to my that his daughter was working at a software company and he got a interview for my, i felt very happy. The interview was quick, made some question about what technologies I knew. And so now I working there until today.

I trying to improve my English, sorry me, I want to give more details how was, but I don't know how to write better yet.

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Carlos Roso Author

This is inspiring and very motivating for newcomers. Use software to automate, get more productive at what you do, and people just won't be able to ignore you.