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Discussion on: Do You Have Your Own Website/Portfolio?

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Bugsy Sailor • Edited

My first website in 1997:

And many, many iterations and domain names later:

Each one was launched with minimal need and grown or shrunk from there. Changing platforms, changing content, you name it. I've always seen it as my playground to do what I want, it's not for clients, it's not for anyone else, but just for my own amusement. If someone else enjoys it along the way, that's great!

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I love your projects and activities. It reminds me of the web back before social media. (Sniff, sniff, nostalgia!) I will be adding Plaidurday to my calendar.

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Bugsy Sailor

Thank you so much Ciscospice!

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Stephen Kastona

1997! Dang! I was probably learning to wear my pants right! 👌

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Jeannie Nguyen Author

Love the first and current website comparison, Bugsy! Looks good!