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Discussion on: Scrum Got 3 People Fired From A Software Project!

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This is really useful and interesting Jayme. Most of your stories tell what has gone bad, or terrible, during development.

Since you're a healthy software developer, do you have any stories to tell where things went butter smooth and what were the keys to success? Would be really interesting.

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Jayme Edwards πŸƒπŸ’» Author • Edited

Never goes buttery smooth. That’s what being a Healthy Software Developer (at least how I’m presenting it) is:

Accepting limitations of your project, standing up for yourself, having a healthy work/life balance, and not being ignorant of the current propaganda around agile coaching.

It’s really more about thriving the best you can in a messy environment!

P.S. I try to do teaching videos Tuesday and Project stories Friday.

The teaching videos share things I’ve found to work - but as evidenced by the project stories they never eliminate the unpredictability of the human factor!