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My languages kind of chose me in the beginning. My first job my coworker had used some php to accomplish some tasks so I picked it up to continue automating some things. This eventually led us to build a marketing feed ingestion website which we wrote with Symfony/PHP/Python and gearman for async scaling. The web requires javascript so that came along for the ride.

Eventually I moved jobs and out of the silicon valley area (I mean who can afford that rent!?) and eventually discovered typescript. This was a glorious new way to write javascript. Very recently I had a chance to do something for a one of project and decided to use Go, which is very easy to learn. Then very recently I decided to take a modern C++ udemy class, though I have not yet done anything with C++.

Overall I would say transitioning languages is not that hard. They mostly share the same characteristics and you just need to figure out the exact syntax. I suspect the biggest thing that will make using C++ difficult is the fact that there is just so much syntax to remember.

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