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Discussion on: setState in Reactjs is not a function

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Burak Saraloglu

It works like this:
1-) Initial page rendering with empty person state, then renders your fetch effect (the second effect did not process because person === null)
2) After the first effect process is done, it will change the person and we put the person state as a dependency for the second effect, it will re-render. Then obviously it will re-render the part of the document.

So, it will not get called until the person state is changed. It will get called if the person state changes.

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Sai Avinash Duddupudi Author • Edited on

Since we added person as dependency , you said it will re-render when person state is updated. so there might be chances of hitting the API twice right? depending upon the person state?

Please correct me If I am wrong

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Burak Saraloglu

As far as I remember, we should've written API connection in separate effect. So, It shouldn't hit for API twice. It will only recall for customers effect.

PS: There's a solution below: after you call for API, setPerson and setCustomers.

.then((data) => {
setCustomers(data) // You Need this For set Person to state person

Maybe this can work aswell.