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Discussion on: How I Fixed JWT Security Flaws in 3 Steps

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Renato Byrro Author • Edited on

Hey Scott, it's been a long while, but I finally managed to get a bit more familiar with PASETO. Thought I could pick your brain to understand a bit more about the feasibility of the concept.

Disclosure: although I have interest in the topics as a developer, at this moment I'm far from a security or cryptography expert.

I've read this thread on IETF discussing the feasibility of adopting PASETO as a replacement for JWTs. From what I could understand, at that moment (2018), the overwhelming majority of experts in that group didn't find it a good idea to adopt PASETO as a replacement.

They seemed to value a few ideas from PASETO that could be incorporated in a new, stronger version for the JWT specification, while other parts of the PASETO specs did raise security concerns.

What is the current thought among the community experts with regards to this? Is PASETO at the point of adoption as an industry-standard?