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Discussion on: My most frequent React errors and how you fix them

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Adam Nathaniel Davis • Edited on

You should not use nanoid, or any other random ID generator, to create keys for your React array elements. In fact, it says, right on their README, that

There’s currently no correct way to use nanoid for React key prop since it should be consistent among renders.

Using a random random generator for keys forces the the reconciliation process to always view every element in the array as "new" or "changed", which forces it to rerender - and that can cause some nasty side effects.

I was actually learned this the hard way several years ago when I was using my own custom random ID function with Material UI's Collapse component. You can see an explanation of the issue here:

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Souk Syp.

That's good to know

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Kieran Roberts Author

You're right, not sure how I missed this. Removed it for now. Thanks for the input!