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Discussion on: React Is Eating Itself

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

I've been looking at Svelte - a lot! It has some great promise - although I gotta admit that the whole dependence upon templates kinda makes me wary. I can't see a templating architecture anymore without thinking of Handlebars - which makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth.

But aside from that, it looks really cool. The only downside to some of these other tools is that it's one thing to read up on them, or play around with them. But to actually do a lot of serious coding with them, it'd all have to be in my free time - because my "day jobs" are typically consumed with the established paradigms - like React, or Angular, or (yes, even) jQuery.

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Isaac Hagoel • Edited

I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment you express around "you don't know how good a tool is (and don't actually understand it) until you do serious coding with it".
Templates are an interesting topic. They have some advantages especially around predictability (which also helps the compiler afaik). In other frameworks that used templating I often felt limited by it (especially when the template was in a different file than the JS code).
In Svelte I haven't felt that so far. If that moment comes I will probably start resenting it as well :)
Actually, having the ability to use stuff like #await, custom-actions and variables from the store right in your template feels really expressive and empowering to me.
TBH, I didn't really understood what actions are about (and didn't make use of them) until I watched this talk:

Anyhow, I am yet to see a huge application built in Svelte and React does put food on the table, but so many of the design decisions and tradeoffs Svelte makes strike me as fundamentally better than React's.
In the context of this post, the Svelte solution for 'store' comes to mind. Would be interesting to directly compare and contrast it with React context and Rudux :)

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author • Edited

Agree on all fronts. Even though I've been coding since I was (literally) in junior-high, I've actually been a late adopter on many new languages/technologies. I hate the experience of falling in love with a language/framework, only to see it fall into obscurity. The last time I did this, I was a fairly-early adopter on Flex. And we know where that ended up...

So I guess you can say that I'm kinda "lurking" on Svelte. I'm genuinely excited about it. But I'm not gonna be that guy converting my HUGE personal project over to it unless I start to feel that it has some serious "legs".