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Discussion on: Let's stop talking SQL

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Cooper Riehl

Great article, and such an important + undervalued point. I actually left a previous job because we handled tasks exactly as you described, focusing too much on the technical solution and not enough on the actual requirement. It led to major developer burnout, because devs felt like they had no freedom to actually solve problems.

I would love to see a follow-up article with some specific examples or a list of do's/don't's, to give people some concrete steps they can use to improve their communication.

Thanks for sharing!

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Łukasz Reszke Author

Thanks for your comment, Cooper!

Glad that you had noticed the unhealthy environment and changed your job 👏

When it comes to examples, I should probably anonymize the situations (when it comes both to a business person and the task itself), but there are some, even recently. The difference is that now I am smarter than I was, so I do talk and show empathy instead of getting into the code or solution mode right away.