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Discussion on: My Problem with Learning the Internet. You too?

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Cécile Lebleu

Yes, I get it! I also get lost and can't seem to move forward. What I've started doing this year and has helped me a LOT is to dedicate one month to one thing.

One month, I will focus on a project. I will get as far as I can — if I can launch it, even better!
And next month, I will focus on learning a thing. I will eat through courses and subjects, all on a single subject.

During each month, I will think about what I want to do next month and write it down. For example, last month I learned a lot about CSS Grid, FlexBox, layout... on FreeCodeCamp, in Colt Steele's Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp, on Scrimba, tutorials, YouTube, etc. This month, I'm applying all of that on a project, going back to my notes as I need. My goal is to launch it this month. Of course, I'm also learning more as I go while building the project.

I still don't know what I'll be learning next month, but whatever comes to mind during this month, I'll write it down on a list and then pick what's most interesting, relevant, or useful.

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edijaloedoc Author

I will definitely try this method. I've spent the last week or so just dealing with JavaScript, and it's helped maintain my focus. I appreciate the thoughts and suggestions. You got it!