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Hi Jonathan, very nice structure here to learn Elixir and Phoenix. I'm also studying Elixir and eventually Phoenix but I'm going a much simpler path which is learning Elixir first and then Phoenix.

I'm going to migrate a Ruby project to Elixir to see how everything glues. For Phoenix I'll also make a CRUD app and deploy it to Heroku 😅

Don't forget to take notes of your resources, annotate code with comments on specific things. Add as much detail as you can. Those repositories will be very useful later on when you start working more and more with Elixir.

I'm doing the same and probably will share my findings here in DEV. Let's see 😁

Awesome list and I'm taking some things here for my learning path as well. Wish you success! :D


Thank you for the encouraging words! I will definitely make sure to document my journey. Can't wait to see your updates as well!

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