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Discussion on: It is never too late to change careers

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Christopher Fouad Jabbour

Thanks man, i appreciate it. Hey you are in luck, I have been going to meetups starting this year (wish i did it sooner than later, I was fighting imposter syndrome) and even networking events in my city. I went to one before the pandemic to and it helped me be comfortable with those events and learn. They can be a drive from where live but I am glad I am trying it when I can. I mostly designed websites but i am trying to make picture list of all the websites I made. I have deployed some simple projects on my github in the past as well. By "Real Life" do you mean a project that solves a problem (like ordering a pizza or looking for pets to adapt) uses a database, MVC, or something like e-commerce shop or dating app. Or would both be good? I had my sights on a bigger project myself or expanding on other projects i made as ideas. Hey that means alot. I will hit you up on twitter as well. I just been busy learning and putting all my social media on my Dev account.

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Patricio Ferraggi Author

Hey, that is good to hear. When everything goes back to normal continue doing that. By real life I mean something that is more than a tutorial, usually when you build your own stuff you encounter many many problems, those problems teach you stuff you didn't expect. Sure hit me on Twitter when you feel like it