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re: And also you can make some good changes in your diet, some people can't understand that you can have a healthy sleep and not being on the bed for 8...

Shifting the circadian rhythm is possible of course but it's a myth to believe that you can do whatever with it. It is greatly determined genetically (see e.g. genesdev.cshlp.org/content/24/12/1... and referenced articles) and you cannot fully go against it. If you do advance your circadian rythm, you will always be fighting against it because it will tend to shift back to it's genetically determined natural time.

As for the diet and exercise I totally agree that it's very important as well, but if you are sleeping 5h a night you might still need the extra 2- hours :)

And anyway, why would you want to go to great lengths to go against your body? Is it really worth it? I believe not.

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