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I'm struggling to land interviews, despite completing a nanodegree program, the few interviews I've had (to varying degrees of success, Facebook and WalMart Labs mostly) highlighted my CS deficiencies. How do you think a nascent bootcamp developer could land more interviews? Should I focus on building software, learning new technologies, or like Kait mentioned (and where I am mostly invested now) CS puzzles/exercises? Thanks So much!


It depends on your expectations, but for the tech giants this is the way to go, though for google I think things are changing for some positions.

What is really sad is that most of the companies think they should do the same as Google or Facebook when the scope and the product they have is not even close to that.

As I said before define what you want, list the things you're good at, make some wishes about your future employer and then target companies matching your criteria, if you wanna work at Facebook or Google you will definitely need to be among other things a algorithms ninja

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