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re: Tried Visual Studio code. Still find vim and a terminal is more productive for my needs! Each to their own.

That's totally cool. I know a few people who love Vim but I have never used it.

What are some the things that you prefer from Vim over VS Code?



Vim starts fast and consumes minimal memory.

Largest syntax highlighting support you can find, in terms of languages.

Fingers don't have to leave the keyboard.

I can go to line 18790 of a file make a change within a second or two.

Massive plugin library (although I'm sure VS Code is big too).

I'm a Unix/Linux developer, so the ability to ssh to a remote system and make a change really quickly is important for productivity, may not apply if your primary development platform is Windows.

Almost every Unix/Linux system has vim installed, or at least it's closely related sister vi.


The main one, steep learning curve.

C/C++ indexing could be improved upon. But VS Code is just as poor. QT Creator and full VS have decent indexing. Although full VS is a bit bloated, can be slow to start up and work with.

If you're a Unix/Linux developer in particular, learning vi/vim would be a string to your bow that you will be thankful for adding. Even most Emacs user know some vi/vim as Emacs isn't always installed.

It's more productive on Windows too in my opinion, but I'm not as convinced it's worth the effort learning if Windows is your primary development platform.

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