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Discussion on: I learned Javascript, Ruby, Python and Java

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Thanks :) I was lucky to be exposed to computers at about the age of about 12 - I'm 37 now - so I've had many years' practice :) I learned by self-study and trial and error, although I always felt that I was missing something - but thats just my personality - to know every little detail. I've always been very curious about how things work and naturally want to know all there is to know about computers and thus, am never satisfied with what I know - including languages. And finally, I've decided to dedicate myself to getting a ComSci degree (multiple degrees is my goal).

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Also to answer your question (sorry, I'm learning Dvorak, most of my brain power is going towards typing the letters, not necessarily what I'm saying, lol). I think just continue to learn from different resources and languages.

Also sign up at the following sites and learn and practice algorithms and data structures:

Also join here to learn from the masters for free at - (again my profile is - - although I'm not a master like the mentors on this site)

And study and practice design patterns:

And above all else - code as much as you can!

(I would also suggest learning linux and the shell if you want to be better than most devs out there)

I hope this helps :) stay safe!