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Discussion on: Learn To Code By Playing These Games

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Chris Lozac'h

P.S. Just finished "Chapter 4" of Flexbox Zombies at, and am now ready to gush some more!

I've read the mozilla docs for CSS flexbox more than once, and I've tried a tutorial or two. Every time, it seems like only one real lesson has stuck with me: Flexbox is annoying and convoluted and ARGH!

This course, which is free (!), well-structured, and super easy to follow, has flipped that script on its head. Now I can't wait to get through Chapter 12, at which point I suspect I'll be able to whip out display: flex; solutions with without having to look up a single piece of syntax.

If you've had as much trouble grokking flexbox as I used to, you owe it to yourself to spend 10 minutes walking through Dave Geddes' creation!