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Discussion on: The New Way of the Developer?

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Developer with computer engineer background may not necessarily better then self-taught developer and vice-versa.
Nowadays many companies are taking off requirement of having degree, and for that they will test you with practical stuff, In short each company want to see how you solve problem.
Self-taught developer is good in a way that you can choose which books to read and which methods to follow. but what if you are stuck at some point? what if you need theoretical knowledge to solve problem? In this areas you will need help.
Now if you're computer graduate then you're degree won't matter if you can't apply what you have learned so far.
In the end practical stuff matters!
From my opinion both the combination of graduate and self-taught is good, Also there are certain people who are successful (self-taught) but they are very less.
Also in niche like machine-learning and data-science you need to have some strong base in math as well as in algorithms, degree can provide it in structured manner and if you're self-taught developer and if you have regular habit of learning then surely you can learn that too.