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Discussion on: Why you should reinvent the wheel

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Jason C. McDonald • Edited

A smart employer actually WILL pay for experimentation and reinvention, at least in approved arenas. Game engines generally reinvent the wheel on hundreds of levels, not least of all with brand new data structure implementations, if for no other reason than ensuing they don't have to weigh their engine down by linking to yet one more dependency. Performance gains are typically a goal of that, too.

Even inefficient behemoths like EA "reinvent the wheel". Just read "Game Engine Architecture" by Jason Gregory for a good look at that!

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Nathanael Demacon Author

It all depends on the employers, a big company like EA can afford R&D for sure!

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Jason C. McDonald

A number of smaller ones do as well. Honestly, to survive, no company can afford not having "R&D" style operations in some fashion! Size has absolutely nothing to do with it.

However, I think you misunderstand. The reinvention work Jason Gregory describes wasn't in R&D. It was in the run-of-the-mill software development department.

Writing your own implementation of something is as common and valid in professional development as using someone else's. It just has to be taken case-by-case.