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Discussion on: How to Apologize

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Jason C. McDonald Author

Well, I see his thought process behind the feature, which he echoed in his apology letter. I thought much of the same about it at first.

I can't really say I share your assessment though, as there are a lot of assumptions of bad faith inherent. Here's a few thoughts in response:

It was surprising how such a decision was taken with very little input from developers.

Developers, as in the team itself? Source if so? Or do you mean "from users"? If so, mistake, but there's also a balance between getting user approval for every idea (bad) and getting their approval for certain things (good).

Opt-in by default - a known anti-pattern

Agreed, mistake. He didn't disagree.

With a one week deadline to opt out

As opposed to no deadline, the industry standard.

By releasing an email on a Friday

At the weekend, when people would be more likely to check their personal emails, which are the most likely addresses to register with. That's not a bad thing.

Only backing off due to overwhelming negative feedback.

As opposed to what? There are always complainers about even the best idea, and it isn't always easy to weed through user feedback. Once it became clear there were a lot of concerns, they reconsidered and immediately backed off. Instead of moving forward anyway, like most of Silicon Valley.

But that is not a very high bar for a company which claims to care for developers.

It almost sounds like the bar you're setting is perfection, if I'm honest.

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Raunak Ramakrishnan

Or do you mean "from users"?

I meant users not the development team

It almost sounds like the bar you're setting is perfection, if I'm honest.

No. All I explained were my reasons why i will not trust Triplebyte more after this controversy.

I can broadly understand where you are coming from - a company pulls a bad move, is widely criticized, rolls it back and apologizes. Hence, you trust it more after the incident.

As for me, trust lost is more difficult to regain as I held Triplebyte to a higher standard compared to the rest of the industry. Let's just agree to disagree here.