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Discussion on: I've Been Booted Out Of My Dev Role! What Should I Do?

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Amanda Capella

I was JUST in this position. After three months, however, I was told my work was great. Then suddenly...three months later...I was told the dev didn't want me, I didn't understand Rails, and I was slow.

FWIW, the metrics showed I wasn't slow , and it was ten year old small company with lots of older techs to acquaint myself with.

I did have a mentor for the first month, but he was instructed to stop helping me so he could get his work done. How can you hire a junior Dev and think she can go with absolutely no support? Eek!

Regardless, I left. They offered me a sales engineer position, and the company I worked for prior offered me a SDE II role (although I still feel junior, honestly...I prob always will).

Best decision ever.
Get out there. Network. Get your white boarding skills up to snuff and keep driving forward. That team didn't know .

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James Hickey Author

Ya that's messed up. Most juniors needs like months of training just to get in the groove of things.

Glad you were able to get out of there!