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I was JUST in this position. After three months, however, I was told my work was great. Then suddenly...three months later...I was told the dev didn't want me, I didn't understand Rails, and I was slow.

FWIW, the metrics showed I wasn't slow , and it was ten year old small company with lots of older techs to acquaint myself with.

I did have a mentor for the first month, but he was instructed to stop helping me so he could get his work done. How can you hire a junior Dev and think she can go with absolutely no support? Eek!

Regardless, I left. They offered me a sales engineer position, and the company I worked for prior offered me a SDE II role (although I still feel junior, honestly...I prob always will).

Best decision ever.
Get out there. Network. Get your white boarding skills up to snuff and keep driving forward. That team didn't know .


Ya that's messed up. Most juniors needs like months of training just to get in the groove of things.

Glad you were able to get out of there!

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