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re: Nice overview! By the way, I think that, within the "remote" space, you should make a distinction between remote employees and remote freelancers....

Agreed. Freelance is often more about marketing your personal brand and networking. This article focuses more on full-time/contract work. Finding freelance clients would probably warrant it's own article.


Yup ... also because the most of the tools/platforms that you're mentioning are more geared to finding a fulltime job (even when it's remote). And yes, you need to spend more time on marketing and networking (I'm not doing that enough, to be honest).

Interesting article though! If companies get more used to working remotely then it will benefit both remote freelancers and remote fulltime employees.

Wish that I was already making a six figure income as a remote freelancer ... well it's a matter of patience, it's not going to happen overnight, but I keep working on it, obviously.

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