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Discussion on: It is ⌚time to ditch ReactJS or Angular and use better web standards like web components😍 part 1

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Colum Ferry

I don't think it's fair to say that frameworks are producing web devs that don't know basic HTML, most of the UI libraries and Frameworks still involve the dev writing some form of templating code.
NativeScript with Angular is the one that pops to my mind that doesn't use HTML itself.

Also, with the development of web components comes the introduction of more libraries, frameworks and tools to create them.
StencilJS, Angular Elements, Polymer etc.

Will the market be flooded with too many libraries and frameworks to develop web components 2-4 years down the line?

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Michael "lampe" Lazarski Author

I work/teach juniors.

Some of them can't write a static website without reactjs or some other framework.

I think this is a problem because they don't understand the basics.

The thing with having stencil or polymer as that I don't care if they are written in whatever framework I just import the web component. This should be the goal.

Of course, all of this has its own challenges

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Rio Martinez

I go to school with many of the same kids. I think the problem with young devs not knowing how to write basic static sites is due to the lack of structured courses in higher education around web development. Young devs usually like to go for whatever's new and flashy because that's where the jobs are (or so we're told). Few people understand that the fundamentals are more practical to learn in the long run.

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Bruce Axtens

The fundamentals are of extreme importance. Sir James Galway, the world famous flautist, said as much in this posting regarding the value of learning scales.