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Discussion on: Ethereum node configuration modes cheat sheet

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Super helpful, Afri! Thank you!

A few questions:

The default mode. Synchronizes a full node doing a fast synchronization by downloading the entire state database, requesting the headers first, and filling in block bodies and receipts afterward.

Can you elaborate a little more on "filling in block bodies and receipts afterward"? Is that referring to the "best block" pivot to full sync mode?

[Geth Full Mode:] This mode is a bit slower than the fast sync mode but comes with increased security.

Isn't it more than a bit slower? And this is distinguished from an archive because it's not committing intermediate states to local disk, is that correct?

[Geth Archive Mode:] "thoroughly verifying all blocks, executing all transactions"

How is this different from what Geth Full is doing?

Thanks again for teasing these apart. Super helpful!