How to setup Font Awesome 5 as VueComponent in Nuxt.js

Alexandru Bucur on January 06, 2018

There were a couple of things that I needed to understand in Nuxt.js so hopefully this will make it quicker for other people as well To have a gl... [Read Full]
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Hi Alexandru

How to only add some icons? Because i do not want to add full set, i want to use different icons in different categories.


Got it, with this for example:
import { faAngleDoubleDown } from '@fortawesome/fontawesome-pro-regular'


Thanks Alexandru, but the content lack of important things like.

You have to install fontawesome libray, something obvious but all need explicity.

2) Where is the vue-component?, do you create it?, it is implicit?.

And what is brand, never hear of it.

3) If i use vuetify, how do i use it?


Thanks for sharing this!!

I prefer to use in this way:

<font-awesome-icon icon="plus"/>

Got this errors,

Cannot read property 'name' of undefined

from this line
Vue.component(, FontAwesomeIcon)

If I removed the name the icon wont show


Any idea how to add my own custom icons to the library?


Just keep them separate from font-awesome. I don't see why you would need to add them to the library itself.


Hi Sir, how do I assign the font awesome under the tag for example { icon: &#39;fas fa-drafting-compass&#39;, text: &#39;Custom Order&#39;}, </p>

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