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re: Depends on how you look at it, but I'll say about two years. When I was in college, I interned at a company and hated it. Due to the pressure of f...

I'm surprised it was legal for them to ask for the relocation money back. Sounds like a good thing to keep an eye on when looking at contracts.


Yeah, it was a sticky situation because the contract was ambiguous. It basically stated that the relocation money had to be paid back if you left within a year of the expiration date of the benefit. Apparently, the expiration date of the money (not sure how a lump sum expires) was a year after I got it, so I had to stay two years to avoid the penalty (left 4 months early).

That's rough. I'm trying to think of an alternative contract that would protect the employer's initial investment but also not hold your money hostage. One year seems like a more reasonable compromise.

Agreed! Two years is a long time, and Iโ€™d argue that I more than paid them back at the time. Rules are rules thoughโ€”or so Iโ€™m told! Haha

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