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Discussion on: I'm Slow And That's Okay

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Carlos Garcia ★

That's me! That's the kind of developer I am! I don't always eat the frog at first, but I take the time to make sure I identify what the frog will be for the task at hand and be prepared for when it's time to eat it.

I only wish some superiors would notice it more often. I've had many bosses through my professional career, some who like this approach and some who don't. Right now, for the past couple of months I've gotten all my tasks approved by QA without any issues, while some of my peers who like to commit code ASAP have theirs sent back constantly, sometimes delaying the delivery of features by weeks. I know I might be doing right, but constantly hearing just that you're slow on getting things done kinda drags you down.

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Steven Hicks Author

Yes! I know this feeling well. It can be really discouraging. It's hard enough to convince myself that it's okay to be slow; when I have to also convince my teammates that its okay it's exhausting. Hopefully your team starts to recognize that you're delivering the full results just as soon as the others, if not sooner, despite taking a different route to get there.

I'm personally hopeful that I'll be able to explain to others why it seems like I'm slow to get things done, now that I understand it a little bit more.