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re: Thanks for adding to this. I didn't get into DB implementations in Rust because I thought it might get into the weeds a bit (I didn't even plan to ...

I mentioned a few of these points in the other comment, and as for LTS and long-term viability, I'm really speaking a lot more to the future than anything. I'm quite practical when it comes to work I do for my employers, but a large part of the value I usually bring to anyone I might be working for is my breadth and depth of knowledge, especially of things that might be years and years away. I like to have a big toolchest, so I can pick the right tool for the job, or push back if something proposed that sounds like a poor fit. It's a lot easier to do research spikes when you're always doing mini-spikes of your own!

I missed this post originally, but feel free to keep the database discussion here, if you like. :)

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