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Discussion on: I wrote a DAILY blog post for 100 days, here's what happened...

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Chris Bongers

Hey Facundo,

Can't believe I haven't seen your blog around, I'm currently on a 250+ streak already.
And it's so much fun for my like you know people get addicted to gyming, I got addicted to blogging.

It's like you state sometimes even easier to blog about it, then to explain to just 1 person.

What I'm wondering, did the result only came AFTER you stopped? Or did you have high views during the time as well?

Another Q: Why did you not continue?

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Facundo Gauna Author • Edited

Hi Chris! Wow, I'm really impressed 🤯. You probably haven't seen me around because this is my first blog post 😊. In my world, I don't run into articles that much so I've never been active until now.

The results started to trickle in towards the end of the experiment. I was really focused on following the rules. I did not want to chase views/likes/thumbs up for vanity.

After the 100 days, I asked my wife what she thought if I kept going. She nearly had a conniption. Up to that point, I didn't have a morning routine and I was just fitting time into my day to get a blog out. It was really tough for her.

I realized that if I wanted any chance of publishing any content in a cadence, I'd have to make it sustainable. So, I started to work on a morning routine. It took time because I had to do other things like going to bed on time and that meant sleep training my daughter and hire a cleaning service to spend less time doing chores.

After I had a morning routine, I used it to do things like running daily for 100 days, learning new things, getting a bunch of certifications, and other things.

Then my second daughter was born. I had to start all over with the routine, finding a new sleep schedule, etc.

Right now, I have about 1-2 hours each weekday to do something personal like blogging, learning, side-project. That's sustainable for me and my family.

I'm curious, do you blog on top of your day job? Or do you blog during work hours?
Also, is hosted on hashnode? It looks great. You're doing so many things I want to be doing. Amazing! 👏👏

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Chris Bongers

Hey yes fully got you,
I started in lockdown, so it was easy was just using my "travel time" to blog, so didn't even notice it.

By the time I had 200 articles, my Fiance thought I would stop, but when I told her I want at least 365 she was shocked.

For me it's still "free-time" since I haven't gone back to the office, but also have to admit the weekends can be killing and not talking holidays to not-publish as well.

So possibly after this year I'll stop doing weekends and holidays.

But definitely want to keep up with the habit.
Let's wait until we are married and even consider kids, I think my tone will be different then haha.

Also, my blog is an eleventy self hosted blog, I do repost to hashnode and