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Why do you think Adobe Air failed?
Because mobile and light web apps took over.

Reason why NodeJS and Electron is taking off is simple - because anyone can bang out a Javascript function and use it in a few minutes. Compared to C++/Rust.


But should they? This reminds me of the mess that Visual Basic developers caused in the late 90s. I was one of them, and wrote pretty good code, but the amount of money I made cleaning up OPM's was at least 100x what I made writing my own code.

Making code accessible and fun is a great goal. Making it easier for armchair architects to create black holes is not helpful. And if we don't keep them from peeing in the (npm) pool, then everyone's gonna suffer.


"And if we don't keep them from peeing in the (npm) pool, then everyone's gonna suffer"

And unfortunately it's going to end up this way. Rome didn't last forever.

But it's what makes the job market interesting.
Bloated tech gives rise to something more efficient that entails more training and skills. Differentiating the job markets.

It seems interesting the first one or two times you go through it, but in my experience it ends up feeling less like progress and more like wasted time. It's like tearing down a house because there are too many layers of paint and wallpaper on the walls.

I would much rather see some kind of third-party repository that helps to curate libraries according to varying levels of quality, and offers a contracted level of service to consumers. Sort of like what RHEL does for Linux.

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