Discussion on: The 4-letter-word word that makes my blood boil

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Osaetin Daniel

Not too long ago. I heard it countless times in a week from a Data management staff one of my company's clients. He's grossly unaware of a lot of things and believes you can "Just" write code to make things work without taking a lot of things into consideration (He programmed briefly in the past some years ago and feels he knows a lot about software development).

Initially when i joined the company, Like you I'll always nod my head in agreement so i don't look stupid in front of everyone but then i started to realize that "Just" was really hurting me when no one was watching. Most times i'll spend long annoying nights trying to meetup with unreasonable deadlines that i created for myself because i accepted that this was "Just" a new feature that could be implemented "easily".

Now once i hear the word "Just", i do a quick analysis in my brain, If the feature is going to take more time than expected, I waste no time in speaking up and explaining why this isn't "Just" another easy task or new feature.