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re: I didn't give much thoughts to this man before two days ago. I bought his book because it was recommended by several known people in this industry....

I have been writing for Simple Programmer for a while now. The team is excellent, and they are great at supporting the writers to produce the best possible content. The editing process is excellent, and there has never been anything wrong or insulting. Neither from the content or the people I work with.

So as far as the blog Simple Programmer goes... it should not be correlated with him specifically.

While he has started it and has an insane amount of blogs on it, there is a lot you can get from the dozens of other writers that generate content on it. And the media is actually developed by a great team that moderates the blogs to be high-quality and high-value in content.

So, in that case, I do not think it is so much about separating the art from the artist... As the "art" that is Simple Programmer has evolved and is no longer his blog, but rather a media run by awesome people!

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