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Discussion on: I'm a Git Master, Ask Me Anything

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Dan Lebrero

What is your take on Continuous Integration and Feature Branches? Do you think Feature Branches inhibit CI?

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Jason McCreary Ask Me Anything

I haven't experienced any issues where feature branches inhibit CI. However, I can envision it becoming complicated at scale. That is testing multiple feature branches in isolation would require many environments.

Typically I work quickly. So I don't build individual feature branches. They go through code review and testing before being merged into master. Then they are deployed.

I have worked on teams that build sets of features. Normally their CI job has the ability to easily switch the source branch.

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landsnark. • Edited

IRT CI and multiple envs to test feature branches, isnt there a way to segment an existing env to host a particular feature and then using existent LLs compare the results thusly? understand if this would be marked OT.