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re: This is me in a nutshell. I was very happy as a senior Solaris developer [curmudgeon: "full stack, eh? Does that start at the firmware and go up to...

In today's world, I think it makes sense for software folk to switch companies every 5 or 6 years. I think the exception would be when one is shifting technologies and keeping up with new stuff within the same company (which is rare outside of consulting).

If Australian companies are anything like the U.S., I would think that some knowledge about micro-services, Kubernetes and related products, and cloud platforms like Azure/AWS are hot now.

Indeed, those parts of tech are really hot right now. I'm behind the curve on my adoption because I was really happy in my ivory tower.

Having started my career in universities (where tenure is still a thing), moving to Sun (for my dream job with my dream company) I fully expected to be with that company until I retired. Now that that ride has ended, I reckon I've got 20 years worth of fulltime work left in me and I have to rejig my mindset to expect that I might work for 5-10 companies in that time.

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