re: after the basics of Python, should you lean Flask or Django next? VIEW POST


I'm gonna be "that guy"

Neither, learn another language instead.

Python isn't bad, neither are those frameworks (okay, I might not always 100% agree with this)... but from 20+ years experience, I can tell ya that knowing more languages than specific libraries means more transferable and forward thinking knowledge.

Keep the focus on solving problems, and match the tools best suited for the problems. Don't chase the rabbit down the hole of "OH, this blog post mentioned X" or "Y is really popular right now" - because in the real world, none of that actually matters, and all that really matters is getting the job done as best as possible.


I know React and Vue well, but I’m a “entry” position, it has “preferred”, 3-5 years. But I’m at over 1 year

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