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Discussion on: The Cloud Is the New OS - A Developer's Perspective

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Robin Kretzschmar

Nicely written, I enjoyed reading it!

You really pointed out a change that I observe for a couple of years now in our company: We try to have all our dev, test, int and prod environments in the cloud, try to use terminal servers whenever possible, store data (even business critical) in the cloud (OneDrive, Azure, Google Drive, you name it, people use it) and try to get our customers on board (our ERP system runs on Azure).

Like you mentioned, we in germany aren't fully trusting cloud providers.
There is this one joke at the office:

What if Trump decides to pull the plug

Which basically means we are not able to operate if Azure servers are down!

At the beginning everyone was suspicious and investigated every bit of change.
Today it is exactly like you said: People don't care about it anymore!

When we developer have to setup our maschines for a new project and it takes more than an hour, we get upset. So we constantly search for alternatives to speed up the process and the concerns vanish.

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Esteban Hernández

I've taken the habit of running all development tools on Docker. My current work computer doesn't have Node or the JDK installed. I just spin up the containers. Once I'm done working on a project, I can remove the entire development environment from my computer with a few simple commands on Docker.

The real beauty of it comes when a new developer joins the team. They just have to clone the repositories and build the docker images locally. We have a team using Mac OS, Windows and Linux all to develop the same group of applications which are each containerized with Docker.

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Robin Kretzschmar

This is indeed a really nice way of setting up the dev environment independent of the OS and a smart way to get new colleagues up to speed within no time :)