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So I understand correctly, are you saying fixed rates are a better solution?


No, they're just a good solution, when you know that you are really fast. And in software development there are too much uncertainties.

One extreme is charging per hour, the other is fixed rates, but you can also charge per day, per week or per month, depending on what you are offering.

Tiny intervals are okay for people like lawyers, who charge >200€ an hour, beacuse even if you just get 10h a week, you just make good money.

Ah, Ok I follow and somewhat agree. We do live in a world where we have one extreme (hourly) and another (fixed). Similar to the corporate world where it's hourly and salary.

With that said, I think hourly is the norm and it would be an uphill battle to introduce other forms of intervals.

I tried weekly early in my career and felt I was completely overworked. I could have modified my weekly rate for the work, but it was easier to attach hours to features. The same goes for fixed, the client becomes trigger happy with features and expected them to be done ASAP. Needs to be a lot of "rules" in place to prevent them from doing so, hourly does this naturally IMO.

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