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Discussion on: I forgot to have fun, are you?

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I can relate to your story, I think the most common ways to get to that is by having a bad work-life balance and/or being too much of a perfectionist, if in your hobby project you are thinking I must do this because "it's the way" you are getting closer to that scenario.

But I think a finished side project has much more value than an unfinished project with very good roots and planned architecture. I had this feeling when I was doing Unity for fun as a hobby, there were times when I was thinking about structuring the MVC pattern really well and wasting time on things that will actually come by doing more projects rather than worrying about when you don't know how to move a simple cube.

I think in the hobby it's better the approach of moving fast and breaking things and if you really care about that project and want to polish it, come back later, apply the things you learn in other projects, enjoy seeing that you've progressed and refactor what you want.

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Simon Barker Author

100%, I think the "planning for scale" and "best practices" get in our way and we forget that when it's our own thing we can do what we want because it's ours. Thanks for sharing 😀