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Discussion on: Python vs Java

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Dave Parr

Yes Julia for data analysis an AI for speed (apparently, still not found the time to play with it properly yet), but with the tradeoff being that Julia is still far from an 'accepted' language.

A significant proportion of the data-science field that I interact with I would doubt have heard of it. FWIW when asked about why Jupyter notebooks are called Jupyter, I would give it 50:50 that a user would be able to state it stands for Julia-Python-R notebooks. Looking at AWS as a major example, their docs for their data science services talk about python first, R sometimes, and Julia extremely rarely.

That said, I am not embedded in the Julia community at all, so there is significant bias in my understanding. Is Julia something you have put into prod? What were your experiences, would you mind descirbing a high level over view of the tasks and the stack? I'm always keen to learn.

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Yufan Lou

Sorry I have to disappoint you, but as I wrote, it was hearsay -- I am not involved in prod system with Julia. TIL that Jupyter is Julia-Python-R! I've read a few cases of unintentionally running loops in Python instead of numpy, which is slow. I hope you have better luck exploring Julia further elsewhere!