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To the question regarding testing; Testing is part of Craftsmanship, Craftsmanship is a trait of Professionalism, Professionalism is a property of Responsibility. Responsibility is invaluable within a high performing organization.

Two; Speak the Seniors language. Figure out what is important them, and how testing makes it even better. For example exemplify cases wherein testing has captured errors early (and cheaply) vs later and more expensive (in production). Or how testing is a cornerstone of high performing engineering departments.

At the end of the day businesses exists to make profit. If the Senior does not appreciate cost savings, and no one above them will champion the initiative, you choice is binary: change your boss or change your job.


The choice is even unary. I cannot change my boss unless I change my job, the company is too small.

But first I am going to try and make some difference. It is a challenge now!

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