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Discussion on: My home internet setup

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Daniel Barwikowski

it had problems with both. On sites that worked I've seen ads - but that I could report from PiHole admin panel.
Other times it didn't resolve URL and I was trying to fix that but my wife wasn't happy and after some time I've decided to turn it off.

For now I don't have time for that as I'm travelling a lot, but I'd love to make it work some day :)

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Nishchal Gautam Author

that's sad, my recommendation would be to set that up with separate access point, my router has 2 access point, or even separate for lan, and once you have success then you can go for everything,

also not blocking ads sounds like you're block urls wasn't populated which was true in my case, I had to find some github url where they had listed urls to populate and it'd block all those.

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